• Can you imagine how many suppliers you will need during your pregnancy?
  • What do you need to satisfy the needs of your baby?
  • Do you have any idea of how many types of each model you have?
  • Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of the products and services you need?

BabyPlanner Barcelona helps you to answer these questions and much more, so you can take informed confident decisions.


BabyPlanner Barcelona is the first fully customized service during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy and once the baby has arrived.
All services and options under one interlocutor, without intermediaries, without waiting.

A 24 hour service, 7 days a week trying to give answers to your concerns.
Our goal is that you enjoy the process of becoming mom or dad.

Organizing and supervising suppliers
Medical appointments
Mother Services
Birth celebration
Photo album “Welcome Baby”.

Even when the reasons require it:

  • Bed rest Pregnancy: Total incapacity to move.
  • Risk Pregnancy: Partial incapacity to move.
  • Multiples: Double shifts and difficult questions.
  • Overwhelmed: For work, more children, the wide choice of nursery equipment or things to do…
  • Young Mother: Unawareness.
  • No young mom: want to spend time with your other children, partner …
  • Single parent: family and friends are in another city and you do not have help preparing the birth.
  • Host Families.
  • Adoptive parents: Waiting so long and suddenly you it’s time. Now what? Baby has just arrived, overwhelmed, I need more to buy, wish to take time to enjoy the baby.

Once the decisions are taken, BabyPlanner Barcelona make then possible


Maternity and paternity generated many doubts and questions, so BabyPlanner Barcelona offers you a complete guide of education to your family with all the issues you need to know to feel ready for the arrival of your baby.

We derive you to the best professionals to respond to your needs.


We work with families trying to make as easy as possible the journey of motherhood and fatherhood.

  • Play an active role in the decision making process and not feeling powerless.
  • Increase awareness of yourself in preparing your journey to parenthood.
  • Assume conscience on the type of part that You will have.
  • Make your experience be unique, being prepared for it in a powerful and determined way.
  • Relieve fears about giving birth.
  • Advantage of the experience for your personal growth.
  • To face the Postpartum optimistically

The coach supports families through various challenges and stages of the path to be parents, creating strategies to help you find a way to all the worries of the process.

Additionally, the coach works with working women to a successfully transition through motherhood and being able to return to work with confidence and peace of mind.


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